Noodlings 35 | Light for Christmas

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The holiday season hustle and bustle is through and I am able to concentrate on reorganizing the messes I have made in getting ready for the season. As the fall time projects finished up, the Christmastime projects kicked into full gear between programming my Christmas light display, baking cookies and making Gingerbread houses with the kids. There come a bunch of other miserable cold weather chores that go along with living on a subsistence farm.

Home Assistant for a Newbie

Home Assistant for a Newbie Title

Getting started with Home Assistant, you are presented with lots of options and there is a plethora of opinions to steer you in the "right" direction. The problem I had is that I was paralyzed by the options and, as a consequence, set back my adoption of Home Assistant in my everyday life. In an … Continue reading Home Assistant for a Newbie

Pi-Hole the Easy Way

Pi-Hole the easy way title

Setting up a Pi-Hole for your network is a beautifully simple process. This is a guide whose intent is to give you the confidence to try it yourself. If you are not new to the Raspberry Pi and have accomplished many things with it, this guide is likely a bit too basic. The goal of … Continue reading Pi-Hole the Easy Way

Christmas Light Display 2021

Christmas Light Display 2021

A lot of changes were brought in with the year 2021. The biggest of the change I was not expecting when the calendar rolled over and that was moving to a new house. All the changes have been good, have kept me busy and most importantly have been great for my family. I had all kinds of great ideas I was going to add to my house for light displays but instead, I have a new place and I was having a difficult time envisioning how I wanted to light the place up.

Noodlings 34 | A Little Sideways

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While few of my tech related tasks have been completed, I am in a position now to better be able to tackle them. So, I am believing for good things to come. Even when things go sideways, eventually, staying committed, you can get back on track.