Documentation for Nextcloud on openSUSE

posted 09 Mar 2018

I get some kind of  strange satisfaction out of updating documentation for openSUSE. I find that the more I use openSUSE, the more I go through and update the documentation for the applications I am using. I don’t have any real development skills and I want to give back to the openSUSE project so I have decided to do what I can do… document!!!

I had some downtime while listening to the Ask Noah Show he brought up the work required in updating a Nextcloud server for a clients I and decided that I would go through and see how the documentation was for running Nextcloud on openSUSE. It needed some updates

I started at the SDB:Nextcloud site and observed it had fallen a bit behind but much of the information was still correct but could use a little clarification for those of us that are not as experienced as the rest of us. This led me to updating the LAMP_setup directions as well to reflect current Leap and Tumbleweed distributions. This also gave me an opportunity to add the new Firewalld configuration instructions to the Apache2 portion of the LAMP_setup. I was then able to have some fun in the terminal ensuring that the commands worked as specified.

I only completed the setup for using the unencrypted http and ran out of time to do the setup for use with https. I have set it up previously but I want to ensure that the directions are well tested before I spit them on an official openSUSE wiki.

This was completed using VMs on a Dell Latitude E6440 laptop with openSUSE Tumbleweed as the host OS. I must say, Dell makes a great laptop keyboard and I am not going back to anything non-backlit.


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