openSUSE in 2022 | Continues to be Awesome

I have been pretty quiet here on for a few months, not because of any lack of interest in what I do but rather that there have been life things that have gotten in the way. I have many incomplete blatherings that are waiting for me to finish writing them up. The one thing … Continue reading openSUSE in 2022 | Continues to be Awesome

All-in on PipeWire for openSUSE Tumbleweed

PipeWire on openSUSE

I have written about using PipeWire previously where I did have a very positive experience with it. Unfortunately, I did have some irritating quarks with it that ultimately resulted in my going back to using PulseAudio on my openSUSE Tumbleweed machines. They were little things needing to refresh the browser after a Bluetooth device changed … Continue reading All-in on PipeWire for openSUSE Tumbleweed

DirextX 11 Steam Games on openSUSE Solved

I recently ran into an issue where some Steam games wouldn't launch and reported the error that the game would not run without DirectX 11. I was befuddled and could not find a solution. I chatted with people, search through forums and didn't find a solution. I was left with the belief that the hardware … Continue reading DirextX 11 Steam Games on openSUSE Solved

Fujitsu Lifebook T725 with openSUSE

I received a kind donation from a member of the Destination Linux Community, Bill, which has become a fantastic addition to my ensemble of machines doing various jobs, daily. This machine is a Fujitsu Lifebook T725 that was manufactured on or about 2015 based on the documentation available. The BIOS release date on my particular … Continue reading Fujitsu Lifebook T725 with openSUSE

Wireless Network Bridge Solution

Wireless Bridge Solution Title

When I moved from being a "city mouse" to now being a "country mouse" I had to rethink how I was going to do my network connectivity. Since I am not in an area that offers cable or fiber type of Internet, I had to go for a cellular based Internet and it made the … Continue reading Wireless Network Bridge Solution

Repairing TheJoystick for TheC64

My vintage gaming fun came to a quick pause when the stick part of my Joystick decided to detach itself from the base of this "human-machine interface device." At first very upset but then I thought, "I'm sure I can fix this." Sure enough, I was able to and although I didn't do it because … Continue reading Repairing TheJoystick for TheC64

Magnetic USB Cables | Prolong Device Ports

Magnetic USB Cables Title

I'm sure the last thing you are interested in is another type of USB Cable but hold on just a moment and work with me here. This is the USB Cable to end them all! Okay, that's not true either. This is a solution to prolong the life of your connector ports on your phones … Continue reading Magnetic USB Cables | Prolong Device Ports

openSUSE on the Raspberry Pi 400 Video

Answering the question, "How well does the Raspberry Pi 400 openSUSE."

New Commodore 64 Keycaps

New C64 Keycaps

I am hoping that these just might be a real thing! There have been other Indigogo campaigns that haven't come to see the production light of day and some of which, I had really hoped to see be a real thing. When I saw this campaign for the Commodore 64 keycaps, I was already skeptical … Continue reading New Commodore 64 Keycaps

Commodore 64 Impostor | My Retro Computer mini-ITX Computer

The Commodore 64 is "famous" for being the most prolific computer of the past. For many people it in the 80s, it was their first computer and as it does hold that position for me. It has been and remains today the computer I get incredible joy out of using. When My Retro Computer made … Continue reading Commodore 64 Impostor | My Retro Computer mini-ITX Computer