Creo Modeling Tips

This section will likely be divided into sections as it grows and becomes unwieldy. Likely there will be Solid Modeling, Surface Modeling and Assembly. Maybe more later. If you find my personal reference useful, that’s great. If you don’t like it. That’s fine too. You can let me know either way.

Surface Modeling

I don’t often use surface modeling and I seem to forget the order of operations in things.



Explode Lines

Create Explode Lines in an assembly that will be visible in the drawing

Model Tab > Model Display Section > Edit Position

Explode Lines-01-Explode Lines.PNG

Select Explode Lines Tab

Explode Lines-02-Explode Lines

Select Two References

Explode Lines-03-Select References.PNG

In this case, the axis of the hole and the screw are selected.

Select Apply

Explode Lines-04- Apply.PNG

Offset Lines will appear in the Model Tree

Select the Complete Check-mark.

Explode Lines-06-Complete

Next you will need to Save the changes in the View Manager.

Next to the Exploded View you modified there is a (+). Right-click and Save…

Explode Lines-07-Save-rd

Save Assembly and you are done.