Surface Modeling

Boundary Blend

I often forget how to do this so, as a quick note to my future self, next time I have to do this. Here is how I fill in a “hole” on a surface model. This can be done by clicking two opposing lines or edges.

boundary blend-2 chains-01

Since my objective here is to fill the hole so that the properly merge the solid with the surface. After created that blend, I merge the Copy 1 surface feature with the new Boundary Blend

merge surfaces-01

This creates the Merge 1 feature that should now be selected for further surface merges.

Since my objective is to fill the hole, I selected the next gap edges. This filled without any issue.

boundary blend-2 chains-02

To merge the new boundary blend with the previous merging of surfaces, Select Merge 1 and Boundary Blend 2, that was just created. Your numbers might vary, of course.

merge surfaces-02-selection-box

That will produce Merge 2. Now future surface merging should be done with the latest Merge.

boundary blend-2 chains-03