Home Education Command Center

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Basic Plan

Home Education Command Center Concept

This was a basic idea or at best a guide of what I wanted and had no idea of what kind of material list I would have when I started out…

Design Intent

Be able to fold up and put away “school” and be able to pull it back out without much setup time.

Folding or collapsible design, much like a Civil Military Operations Center circa the 1990s

Detailed Prints

A4 or A3 of each part

A3 Assembly drawing

Bill of Material

1 – 4 ft x 8 ft Sheet of Shower board from Lowe’s – $14

5 – 8 ft pieces of PVC

5 – 8 ft 1 in x 2 in furring strips

1 – Bottle Turtle Wax

4 – 1-1/16 x 12 in Piano hinges

1 – pkg ⅝”, 18 gauge Brads

Timeline / Info Card holder Design and CAD files

Link to Thiniverse Site


STL File

Tools Used

  • Air Nailer
  • Cordless Drill
  • Miter Saw


Cut the 4×8 sheet into 3 segments

2 sections of 2×4, 1 section of 4×4

Cut the PVC and Wooden Frame pieces

Notes about how I did it

Build Base Frame

2 – 2 ft x 4 ft frames

1 – 4 ft x 4 ft frame

Fasten the Board to the frame

using an air nailer or whatever suits you

Fasten the PVC Frame

Set 4 sides in place to lay out the frame and cheat it as needed to accommodate any variation but keep the mitered corners as flush as possible

Fasten the Piano Hinges

Set the segments snugly beside one another.

Future Plans

Some sort of map holder

Slightly different card holders so that I can get 4 across in the 2 ft x 4 ft section

Final Thoughts

Still in the testing phases, will find out for sure how this performs or how practical it is this fall

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