Dell Inspiron 20 3048 All-In-One Desktop

Dell Inspiron 20 3048-00-Title

Manufactured sometime in 2015, this is in no way a new computer. Thankfully, with the help of Linux, this machine can stay relevant for m any years. It is currently (as of 13 Dec 2018) running openSUSE Tumbleweed.

The primary function of this All-In-One is to act as a kind of information hub in my house. Very often, the refrigerator door has all the information on it but there is only so much you can squeeze on a those doors along with pictures and happy memes.

It acts as the main display of the family calendar as well as messaging hub using Franz and Gnome-Recipes for kitchen assistance. This machine freed up counter space and has generally de-cluttered the undersized kitchen to make using it more efficient. The touch screen works very well with KDE Plasma and many applications are very touch friendly. I tend to use Falkon browser over Firefox because it is more touch friendly.

Dell Inspiron 20 3048-07-Calendar

Specs that matter

  • CPU Pentium G3240T 2.7 GHz
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 1 TB HDD
  • Touchscreen LED 19.5″ at 1600×900
  • Built in speakers
  • SD Card reader
  • 6 USB ports
  • 3.5mm Line out
  • 3.5mm Headphone / mic jack
  • Atheros AR9565 Wifi b/g/n + Bluetooth

Future Upgrades

Nothing is planned for the immediate future but in order of upgrades will be considered:

  • The current CPU consumes 35 Watts and I want to keep the replacement the same. I am looking to upgrade to either the Core i7-4765T or Core i7-4785T for this reason. I am not sure how taxed the power supply is and how much more it can handle.
  • Increasing the RAM to 16 GB
  • Replace the HDD with an SDD but that is low on my priority. It wouldn’t add any functionality to the system
  • Possibly a second adjacent screen. It would have to be the same size and preferably the same resolution with VESA mount capability and also preferably touch screen (tall order)

Final Thoughts

This is the only desktop computer I am currently using in my house. Everything is either a laptop or an ARM based toy computer. I must say there is something rather nice about a computer that can’t go with you on a whim.

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