Nexus 5X

Plasma Mobile 

Instructions and experience of using Plasma Mobile on the Nexus 5X


Although it can be argued that Android is not exactly Linux but since I can look at the device properties and see it does have a Linux Kernel, I will still call this a Linux Machine


This is my preferred build of Android

Download the latest build for Bullhead

ADB Download

Installation Instructions


Vendor Image Mismatch

Android System: A vendor image mismatch has been detected. Typically this means your vendor image is out of date. Please ensure your vendor image matches OPM7.181105.004

Download the latest vendor image

Under “About Phone”, Tap Build number until Developer Mode is enabled.

Settings > System > Developer Options

Enable: Android debugging, Debugging notify,

Connect the phone to the computer, in the terminal (Linux) enter:

./adb reboot bootloader

Extract the vendor image and used these files (or similar):



Place them in a folder path that works for you or in the same folder as the platform-tools

./fastboot flash bootloader ./bootloader-bullhead-bhz32c.img
./fastboot reboot-bootloader

Wait until the Nexus 5X settles

./fastboot flash radio ./radio-bullhead-m8994f-
./fastboot reboot-bootloader