Commodore 64

This is a public facing notebook. It MIGHT get organized later, maybe. It is like my virtual junkyard of Commodore 64 related information. For information regarding the reborn version of the Commodore 64 called TheC64 visit this page, also on


The Commodore 64 is an 8-bit computer introduced January 1982 and discontinued in April 1994 with approximately 17 million units sold. It was my first computer and still my favorite. I often wish I could do more of my day to work with it and I have projects in the works that will help me to that end.


Okay, who makes a vision statement about a 40 year old computer… really. Outside of playing some of my old favorite games on the trusty old C64, there is an actual, semi-useful project that I have planned for it. It started when I saw that there is an Ethernet expansion card for the machine. I had to have one and I dreamed of using the Commodore 64 for something other than the games I enjoy playing. Then I came upon this project called Contiki.

I will have to build it, but afterward, I intend on having pre-built disk images here or linked here for future use.

The features that interest me most are:

  • IRC (Internet Relay Chat) – for chatting
  • Email – client for writing and checking emails from a email webserver.
  • Breadbox64 – C64 twitter client

I am most interested in the IRC client as that is what I would like to do most with the C64. Email… Okay… I guess but Twitter Client would be pretty dang cool too.

Sites of Interest:

My Retro Computer C64

The 64 Project Computer and Handheld Console

Commodore 64 Power Supply Pin Out

C64 OS – Make a Commodore 64 feel fast and useful in today’s modern world. This page also has an incredible buyer’s guide that has lead me to so many interesting things.

Hardware Info

Ultimate 64 | A New Commodore 64 main board

Pin Out Diagrams

C64 VGA Cable

Commodore 64 Network Connect

TCPSER and Terminal software for the Commodore 64
DIY Userport to RS-232 adapter and software – I am mostly interested in the software for the 80-column mode.
Linux Session on Commodore 64


Wild Wood | Commodore 64 Game

Replacement Parts

C64 Replacement Chips

Individual Computers

New / Upgrade parts for Commodore 64 and Amiga – Case upgrade

Replacement Key caps

Fix It Resources

Informational Presentations

Commodore 64 basic user tutorial by Jim Butterfield

Modifications or Enhancements

Commodore 64 VGA and bluetooth mods

Because, why not?

Commodore 64 Soft 80

64HDD (and other projects)

This has some really cool project to enhance the Commodore 64 to include the 64HDD that connects your Commodore to your PC to directly play from D64 images. Another neat project is the 64JPX | JoyPad eXpander for the Commodore 64




File Manager

The Pictorial C64 Fault Guide
C64-Wiki Motherboard


A Tweet from a Commodore 64, that and more to celebrate the beloved PCs 30th birthday

Case Color Matching

Paint options for color matching.

Cartridge Management

Convert Cartridges example in Lemon64