Commodore 64

This is a public facing notebook. It MIGHT get organized later, maybe. It is like my virtual junkyard of Commodore 64 related information

The Commodore 64 is an 8-bit computer introduced January 1982 and discontinued in April 1994 with approximately 17 million units sold. It was my first computer and still my favorite. I often wish I could do more of my day to work with it and I have projects in the works that will help me to that end.


Okay, who makes a vision statement about a 30 plus year old computer… really. Outside of playing some of my old favorite games on the trusty old C64, there is an actual, semi-useful project that I have planned for it. It started when I saw that there is an Ethernet expansion card for the machine. I had to have one and I dreamed of using the Commodore 64 for something other than the games I enjoy playing. Then I came upon this project called Contiki.

I will have to build it, but afterward, I intend on having pre-built disk images here or linked here for future use.

The features that interest me most are:

  • IRC (Internet Relay Chat) – for chatting
  • Email – client for writing and checking emails from a email webserver.
  • Breadbox64 – C64 twitter client

I am most interested in the IRC client as that is what I would like to do most with the C64. Email… Okay… I guess but Twitter Client would be pretty dang cool too.

Sites of Interest:

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Hardware Info

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Pin Out Diagrams

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TCPSER and Terminal software for the Commodore 64
DIY Userport to RS-232 adapter and software – I am mostly interested in the software for the 80-column mode.
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Replacement Parts

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