Other Distributions

I do and I have used several other distributions. Some I have liked a lot and others work very well for it’s designated purpose. One such distribution that just works well with old PowerPC Macintosh hardware is Ubuntu-MATE. I am not actively using any other distributions then what is listed below.


Ubuntu MATE is a great light-weight distribution. Not my preference but it is the other distribution that I use for a PowerPC machine. This variant of Ubuntu is built around the MATE desktop environment. This distribution is easy to install but does require booting to a live image first and install from a desktop icon. This is not my preferred method to install but would be good for those that wish to take Linux for a spin before committing to it.


Here is a great openSUSE derivative that I have used. It comes in a Live USB version that can be given a test drive. This is built on openSUSE Linux Leap but has multimedia codecs installed by default and has other desktop environment options.


Another great and efficient Linux distribution. It is 64 bit only and is targeted specifically for desktop use.

Linux Mint

Is an Ubuntu Linux derivative that is very popular.

Fedora Linux

I only dabble and test things here to stay familiar with what makes Fedora, Fedora.