3D Printing

Draft, Draft, Draft

This is a consolidated list of resources and experiences in doing 3D printing and will be in draft status until I am satisfied with the layout and the content. This is another extension of my public facing notebook.

As of June 2020, I have a 3D printer that is rather low end and I will add information about my journey with it here.


Stuff you need to 3D print, assumption, you have the 3D printer.

STL files that can be converted into Gcode for printing

Slicer Software

This is the application that takes a STL (stereolithographic) file and converts it into Gcode that is compatible with the particular printer.

I am currently using Ultimaker Cura as it has just worked real well but mostly because I started my 3D Printing journey on Ultimaker. I download the AppImage from the Ultimaker site



FDM printing seems to be as much art as it is science. More on this as I collect the information. I will be gathering tips and tricks for heated and non-heated beds to put here.

3D Modeling Software

My current application of choice for complex models is Fusion 360. I have also had great success with FreeCAD. I work mostly in parametric modeling. It really is best for doing any kind of engineered component. If your interests lie in more free-form, organic or artistic modeling. Blender might be more to your liking.