TheC64 is a re-implementation of the Commodore 64 in it’s approximate original package to include a full-sized, working, keyboard but instead of the original ports, it is adorned with HDMI, and USB ports. The power switch is not the toggle switch that cuts the power but rather a push-button soft witch with additional functionality.

This page is targeted to the C64 Maxi, primarily but may also apply to TheC64 Mini. This is my resource of things to help me along in using TheC64. It has become my go-to platform for enjoying all that the Commodore 64 has to offer, minus some fun IO things. Meaning, no real 1541 Disk drive, Tape drive, actual cartridges and things I can plug into the User Port. Perhaps in the future, this might change, but until that point, I will enjoy all that this machine as to offer.

The Full Manual, from witch I am basing this information can be found here:

Using the Keyboard in Menus

A graphical overlay for TheC64 taken from the official Manual. When you are using the menus, you can use any combination of the following keys on the keyboard to highlight and select options, in preference to using the joystick.

Filename Flags for Individual Files

Perhaps the most clever part of TheC64 is the ability to add flags on the files to pass commands to TheC64 and set configuration options.

CJMs for Individual Files

CJM files are text files that can define the configurations for a particular virtual media file on the USB stick. These can do almost everything a filename flag can do but also define joystick buttons.

This is the order for which to assign buttons to the joystick in the .cjm files. There are a few format rules to keep in mind. The line has to start with J: and then the joystick number with the primary joystick indicated by an asterisk, 2*:

To represent the PETSCII Robots configuration I set up for playing the Commodore 64 version with a PlayStation-like controller or “Two Stick Controller” I used the following:


For more details on how this was accomplished, see PETSCII Robots on TheC64 Maxi or Mini with a SNES Controller.

RAM Expansion Unit

To enable the REU with a CJM file, use one of the following parameters:

  • reu512 = 512K REU enabled
  • reu2048 = 2MB REU enabled
  • reu16384 = 16MB REU enabled

For example:


This will set up TheC64 to be in Commodore 64 mode and make use of a 512k of memory for applications and games that take advantage of it.

Update TheC64

As recommended by the good folks at RetroGames, you should keep TheC64 updated. It is a super simple process. Download the *.bin file, place it on the root directory of a USB drive, insert the drive into TheC64 and perform the update

YouTube Alternatives:

Hardware Information

TheC64 is based on the A20-OlinuXion LIME board which is how the X-Windows modification was able to be built. This could potentially be used as a compatible replacement board… possibly, I don’t actually have all the details there.

Wish List

There are a few things that I wish TheC64 could do. These are just little things that would “quality of life improvement” in it’s use. None of these things are absolutely necessary to enjoy TheC64, just to make it a bit better for me.

The first would be some sort of on-screen button configuration or some sort of built in text editor for modifying .cjm file for the associated application. The beauty of TheC64 is its apparent hackability of the machine to be able to tweak the configurations, allowing you to have the best experience with each game or application

Secondly, some sort of WIFI communication to allow some sort of telnet, preferably secure shell (SSH) to put on and pull off files from the machine. Basic ftp or sftp would be fantastic.

The other big winner for me would be the ability to rename files within TheC64 itself. As it is today, I need to manage files from my desktop computer’s file manager. It’s a little thing but it would be great.

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