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Welcome to the Linux Saloon, a place to discuss tech, open source and where Linux is always on tap. Each show, we will have a talk about a Linux project, generally a Linux Distribution but it could be centered around a Desktop Environment or application. Anything that is Linux, tech and open source related is on the table for discussion.

The Linux Saloon is a community of some of the nicest, most helpful and encouraging people out there. We chat about a variety of topics

Join the conversation, live on Saturdays at 8pm EST, most of the the time, on the Tux Digital Network. Subscribe on YouTube and click or tap that notification icon for future shows.

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Catch the show later on the Linux Saloon YouTube Channel. More platforms to follow.

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The Telegram group and Discord is a place to hang out between shows, get tech help, chat have more conversations about Linux, open open source and general technology.

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6 thoughts on “Linux Saloon

    1. That is the plan. I am a big fan of the decentralized solution. I am looking at some others too where the Linux content is a bit light. I guess we’ll see how it goes!

  1. Wish I knew why some linux distros put their name in the boot menu and others dont. They just expect you to know your drives by location. There are so many Ubutu derivatives so ubuntu by itself isnt helpful. Worse yet most bios won’t let you rename anything. Makes me miss my interchangeable drive computer case

  2. Is the matrix community still active? I tried to access it but it does not seem to work, the room does not exist.

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