openSUSE Linux

opensuse-logo2My primary distribution of choice is openSUSE Linux. Most of my Linux experience has been with openSUSE so most of this site will be for this distribution.

There are three variations of the distribution:

Leap, a “regular-release” version that has a 12 month release cycle;

Tumbleweed which is a rolling release, you get the latest stabilized version as it rolls out and

SUSE Linux Enterprise aimed at businesses and this one is not free. At this time, I use Leap, it is free as I need to ensure system stability and I’m a little slow to accept change. The kernel (core of the operating system) is the same as is used for the Enterprise version so has had more time spent on ensuring its stability.

My primary concern is getting work done, whatever that work may be. A computer is a tool and a toll that needs to work consistently yet remains flexible so, depending on the specific requirements of the computer, I will use Leap or Tumbleweed. As a rule, If I touch the machine every day, I may use Tumbleweed, if it is something that has a specific purpose that I don’t want to touch often, I will use Leap.

openSUSE Basic Installation

Simplified instructions with my recommendations.

Basic Zypper Reference for the Terminal

Basic Usage of Zypper, the package manager for openSUSE in the terminal. This is by no means comprehensive, just boiled down to make easier for the beginner.

openSUSE Breeze Dark Theme

I have more recently became “aware” of the benefits of a more unified appearance in my desktop. As long as my Desktop has been dark, I have been fine with it. After seeing some other distros and how they do a fine job of unifying the theme, I took it upon myself to make the openSUSE Breeze Dark theme for Plasma and GTK toolkits.

openSUSE Breeze Dark for Plasma

Placement path:


Alternatively, you can import the file within SystemSettings > Colors then Select Install from File

colors systemsettings

openSUSE Breeze Dark GTK

Placement path:


Open up SystemSettings > Application Style > GNOME Application Style (GTK)

Use the Select GTK2 Theme and GTK3 Theme to set it to the openSUSE_BreezeDark Theme

gtk themes systemsettings