art_cap_booksThe software here is for educating from the home using Linux software. I fundamentally believe that education should not be confined to the school. This selection of software is what I use in my home with my kids. This is as an alternative to using web-based educational software out there or to supplement it. If you are creative and want to invest the time, also customizable allowing you to take control of your child’s education in another aspect.


Typing tutor for children Tux Typing is an educational typing tutor game starring Tux, the Linux penguin. It is designed to be entertaining for children, but can be used by all ages to improve typing skills. Tux Typing includes two video game-style activities that give practice typing individual characters and words. There is also a phrase typing activity that provides practice with phrases and sentences, with on-screen display of accuracy and typing speed. Tux Typing supports all commonly used desktop platforms, and is packaged with translation files and word lists for many (human) languages. The program is capable of displaying essentially the entire Unicode character set.
I have personally found this program to be better for keeping the attention of young ones than some of the web based commercial options.