This is a list of bits of hardware and unique systems list that targets Linux or Linux adjacent things.


Raspberry Pi

Resources Tagged for using openSUSE (and others) on a Raspberry Pi.


Collection of notes and links relating to the SteamDeck manufactured by Valve


An ARM-based, Linux Powered Commodore 64 emulation machine. It is a re-implementation of the Commodore 64 in it’s approximate original package to include a full-sized, working, keyboard but instead of the original ports, it is adorned with HDMI, and USB ports. The power switch is not the toggle switch that cuts the power but rather a push-button soft witch with additional functionality.


Wii U Pro Controller

In my post childhood gaming, the PlayStation style controller became my go to, but now I must say that the Wii U Pro Controller is my favorite to use for gaming. It is not only Bluetooth but just feels great to use for modern and retro gaming.

3.5″ USB Floppy Disk Drive

It is indeed still possible and easy to use a 3.5″ Floppy in Linux.

USB to DVI DisplayLink

Turn your USB into a DVI or SVGA output. USB 2.0 is a bit on the slow side but doable.