SuperCubicleWelcome to CubicleNate’s Techpad. A place of infrequently useful information that is mostly tech related, such as, Linux, vintage computing, building or fixing things, food or other nonsense. This site is essentially my public facing notebook so most of this is quite literally for my reference. If you happen to find something useful or even utter garbage here, please let me know. Although I do my best to minimize errors, I’m quite certain my notes are still riddled them and any corrections are completely welcome.

My primary focus will be on Linux, or specifically openSUSE Linux and getting work or fun done with it. I get my jollies from re-purposing yesterdays “modern” hardware and make it relevant once again. Linux extends the service life of a lot of the hardware that is so often discarded before its time. I do dabble in other distributions of Linux but only to ensure that I have some level of comfort when helping other Linux users out. I tend to blather from time to time about whatever projects that occupy time. Often it will be something Linux-y.

opensuseI am currently running openSUSE Tumbleweed on my primary machine and low powered netbooks. I put openSUSE Leap on several other machines I interact with less frequently. It is amazingly rock solid. This is a testament to the great job of the openSUSE community of developers, testers and contributors. I appreciate how running openSUSE has a generally low memory usage and a light weight feel, even on older hardware.

During my time of using openSUSE, I put together a recommend a Base Application Set for general desktop usage. This includes adding Google’s Chrome Browser and multimedia codecs. These are bits of software that openSUSE will not include automatically.

Comments and suggestions, constructive or not, are welcome. Feel free to contact me.