Fitness is a lifestyle and I will argue that there is not a one size fits all answer as far as for specific workouts and diets but I do believe that there are some basic principles that are universal.

Basic Principles

  1. Your fitness plan must have consistency with adequate frequency
  2. A diet doesn’t have to be perfect but the bulk of your diet must be of good quality and nutritious foods

Exercise Plans

Basic Principle one. In order to succeed in your health and fitness, you need to have a plan. Weight is a terrible metric to gauge your fitness. I recommend planning and tracking your workouts so you can see how you have progressed. Everyone has good and less-good days workout but over time, improvements can be tracked which should hopefully motivate you to try an improve those numbers.

There are many great plans out there that work for so many people. I have a few options from which you can choose. My advise is to start simple and sustainable and expand only to what you can actually sustain.

Top Protein Packed Recipes

Man (or woman) has got to eat, but what do you eat? I don’t recommend any unsustainable diet plans but certainly you should only eat things that have real benefits to your fitness objectives.

Exercise Articles

Fitness reads I curate to keep around for later or to share.

Nutrition Articles

Articles I keep as a good reference for later.