I am a self-proclaimed Linux, fitness and vintage tech enthusiast with an almost unhealthy obsession to the openSUSE project. I am a big believer in education and self-empowerment in all things. Everything on this site will revolve around that core concept.

Technology has become incredibly frustrating in the last few years. Remember when technology WAS fun? In the 80s and 90s, I was quite the tech enthusiast, The Commodore 64 and later the Amiga computers were incredibly fun to play and create on. I became increasingly frustrated with tech in the late 1990s and first part of the 2000s up until I discovered Linux and my excitement for technology had been reborn.I believe, in all its forms, technology is meant to assist us in life, it is meant to serve and entertain not to be toiled over and to served. A computer is a tool, it is a wrench or a drill, it is something to be used to accomplish a task. If using a piece of tech is more work than what it actually provides, there is something greatly wrong with it. One should also not feel trapped and up against a wall when using tech either.

e6440-01-smThis belief has lead me to make Linux as my primary operating system. It is a free, as in speech, and in many ways, free as in beer operating system. Not everything for Linux is free, some of the things that are free take a little work to understand or to just get working properly. Part of the fun of Linux and the Free Open Source Software journey.

It is also worth noting that with Linux, it will breath new life into old hardware. There is no need to constantly buy new computers, old machines can stay relevant for many years just by upgrading a few components and installing Linux.

The scope of this site is to empower you to assert freedom and your own determination against the vast sea of technology. This is also a public display of my tech hobbies and projects. The intent is to take what I have learned and share them to allow others to benefit from my journey with not just Linux but vintage computer systems that I’m not ready to let go.

SUSE PlushMy primary Linux focus will remain on using the openSUSE distribution. These guides may or may not be transferable to other Linux flavors. This not mean to be a replacement to the documentation or wikis available from openSUSE.org but rather as my findings and opinions of what works best for me. I do spend time updating the wikis and I have no intent on duplicating any work. Some of the things I work on do not belong on the wiki as they are a personal project with my opinions and opinions… in my opinion, do not belong on the openSUSE wiki pages.

This site will also contain tech information about the Commodore 64, upgrades, what you can still do with it today. Amiga Computers, upgrades, modern uses and Apple II Series machines. Also part of the 8-bit era, you know, when computers were fun… when I can get to it. Doesn’t exist now, but eventually.

There will be other subjects, loosely related such as smart or automated house system components, building desks or workstations out of re-purposed “garbage” (my treasure) and anything else that I think would be useful to share.


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