Terminal Applications

Sometimes it is just fun to hang out in the terminal, you know, dial it back a few decades or just keep your memory usage a bit lighter on lower powered machines.

Terminal Emulators

There are two terminal emulators that I use most. One is always open, the other I use for fun from time to time.


It is default on KDE Plasma. It supports a lot of features, more than I

I like KDE Plasma but sometimes it is fun to ignore the GUI and just do things in terminal.


For very different reasons, I also like this terminal. It simulates using computers of old. It is particularly funny, not real useful, but funny to use a modern computer of which is emulating a display where the horizontal sync requires adjustment.

Install on openSUSE

sudo zypper in cool-retro-term

Terminal Web Browsing


A terminal based web browser. It can be used in a terminal emulator or in a Virtual Console (also known as Virtual Terminal (VT)). Not all machines run a graphical session so this is an option of browsing the web in the terminal.

Fun Commands to Try


DMI table decoder that will tell you all kinds of things you never knew you wanted to know about your computer.

More to Come

Stay tuned… or not.