Audio Ripping

Ripping CDs… Certainly not for pirating software. I am of the minority of people that still buys CDs for music but I don’t like to carry them around individually and I have had a heck of a time trying to find those CD wallets to store them in.  It leads me to only one solution to transport my music with me. Rip them to my Linux box and transfer them to my portable media player.


Audex is an easy to use audio CD ripping application that is not over complicated with options but is very configurable. The usage of  Audex is rather self-explanatory and assuming you have installed all the base media codecs Audex will scan your system for common encoders on start up and creates a common set of profiles automatically for you.

Audex manual from the KDE UserBase available here.

One-Click Install for openSUSE 




Q: Why can’t I rip to mp3?

A: install the Lame encoder. For more information on installing multimedia packages click here.