KDE Connect

KDE Connect is a project that aims to allow intercommunication of all your network enabled devices. You can receive your phone or tablet notifications on your computer, receive notifications from your computer onto your phone or just use your phone as a remote control for your desktop. KDE Connect implements a secure communication protocol over the local area network.

For my use case as to why to use it see here.

openSUSE installation and setup instruction

openSUSE One-Click Install Chrome / Chromium Extension

This extension allows chrome users to install software on chrome using openSUSE’s one click install links.

Oracle Java Install Instruction

I wouldn’t attempt to rewrite the Java install instructions on the openSUSE Wiki, especially since I have contributed many edits to it. If you find that you hare having issues with the open source version of Java, I recommend you install the genuine article of Java from Oracle. I recommend you just install the Java Runtime Environment and use Oracle’s RPM for install. It works pretty well.

Backup and Recovery

Responsible users responsibly take care of there data. Here are some tools you can use to not only backup your data, should you have a catastrophic failure and need to restore your data to a new drive but also recover data should a drive become corrupted or you have a “user error”

File Synchronizing Applications

Recommended applications for synchronizing files between computers.

Remote Desktop Access

Software used to access remote computers through the Internet to control a machine as though you were in front of it.

DoD Common Access Card (CAC) Reader

For those that need to access to Department of Defense web sites that are SmartCard protected. Skip the DoD requirements for SmartCard usage on non-DoD sites.

KAlarm and Kronometer

Alarm message, command and email scheduler and Stopwatch applications.

Libvirt / QEMU / KVM Reference

For those that don’t use it enough or don’t generally have problems. This is a quick little reference on getting the NAT default interface active and ensure it autostarts