Power Tools

I have a fascination with power tools. I like to use them to make or fix things, take them apart, watch videos of other content creators taking them apart and what not. I have an even greater interest in cordless power tools. The enhanced freedom that highly dense battery packs provides is pretty amazing. From a practical perspective, the freedom to work far from a power source or not tripping over extension cords is truly worth the additional cost associated with the freedom.

This section will be any of my nonsense in exploring power tools, corded or cordless.


In 2019, I began an effort to reduce complexity in performing tasks around my house. Whether these are maintenance or home improvement projects, I wanted to reduce wasted time in finding ready batteries for the right tool. After many months of research, I moved to DeWalt 20 volt Max line for my cordless battery platform. I do realize that it is actually 18.5 volts nominal. This line best meets the maximum number use cases and each of my valuation points.

More on my “jump-all-in” decision on this move.


As a rule, I like Porter-Cable but the company abandoned the 18 volt line in favor of their 20 volt Max line without an upgrade path. This decision made me go through the process of evaluating the commonly available cordless tool platforms to determine which system to which I chose to commit. I still have a soft spot for Porter-Cable and won’t part with my corded Porter-Cable tools.

I have taken apart and fixed my first Porter-Cable drill which I still think is a fantastic drill.


As currently my secondary tool brand, I supplement “home-gamer” tools with this brand. Things like cordless hot glue gun and a 1 gallon chemical sprayer. To continue with my complexity reduction, I use DeWalt batteries on the Ryobi tool. I am sure I am violating the warranty on the tools and the batteries but I’ll take that in favor of general productivity enhancement.

Ryobi Battery Rebuild

Everything Else

The other brands of power tools I have that don’t get a headline spot:

Black & Decker

Miscellaneous Other tools