Power Tools

I have a fascination with power tools. I like to take them apart, watch videos of other content creators taking them apart and what not. I have an even greater interest in cordless power tools. This section will be any of my nonsense in exploring power tools corded or cordless.


I have recently moved to this brand as my cordless battery platform. The 20 volt Max line (18.5 volts nominal) best meets the maximum number use cases and each of my valuation points.


As a rule, I like Porter-Cable but the company abandoned the 18 volt line in favor of their 20 volt Max line without an upgrade path. This decision made me go through the process of evaluating the commonly available cordless tool platforms to determine which system to which I chose to commit. I still have a soft spot for Porter-Cable and won’t part with my corded Porter-Cable tools.

I have taken apart and fixed my first Porter-Cable drill which I still think is a fantastic drill.

Everything Else

The other brands of power tools I have that don’t get a headline spot:

Black & Decker