SCP | Secure Copy in the Terminal, Another Gift to Future Self

terminal-iconIn my journey to spend more time in the terminal and less on the fancy graphic user interfaces, I had to write this reference up for myself. This is not a complete usage of SCP, just the parts that I need that are most typical to what I need. I am also using this as a simple guide to lower that barrier of entry and encourage more people to communicate with the computer how the computer likes to communicate: In the Terminal.

SCP or Secure Copy, is quick and easy to use once you understand the syntax. I have used this in my last two projects and am going to make it a point to use it whenever it makes sense. Since I my ability to remember details can be shoddy, this reference will remind me as needed. Another note to my future self that will undoubtedly come in handy.

Secure Copy Reference Page

Future Self, you’ll thank me later, and you’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “SCP | Secure Copy in the Terminal, Another Gift to Future Self

  1. If you like scp, you may want to try rsync, scp’s smart brother. It can do some neat tricks like resuming broken transfers, keeping sparse files, hardlinks
    And even save bandwidth by transferring only a delta of a large file.
    It even can help with local copies.
    Only downside is, that you need to have it installed on both sides. And you need to add a colon after the hostname

    1. I have rsync for other purposes but I find using “Back In Time” backup utility is how I use rsync mostly. Thanks for the proofread on the missing colon. Not sure how I messed that up after using it several times yesterday… Hmm….

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