1U Raspberry Pi Rack Mount Bracket

In an effort to improve the organization of my home computer “core” I have made the search for a solution to mount my Raspberry Pi and potentially future Pis on my 2-post server rack. The solutions I found were outside of my budget for a small change so I found a solution on Thingaverse.com by Russ Ross.

Image by Russ Ross from Thingavierse


This was perfect so I employed my 3D Printer to print off all the parts.

The total cost for the PLA and the hardware is about $20.00

This will take about 554 grams of PLA at $20 per kilogram will cost $11.04. The Hardware, which includes a 36 inch threaded rod, 4 nuts and 4 washers to fasten the components together, and 24 screws for retaining the Pis was about $9.00.

The design intent of this rack is for clusters and Power over Ethernet hats, I don’t have nor want those hats, I also don’t have a Power over Ethernet switch and do not wish to invest is such a thing. As a result, I had to add washers and beneath the Pi and notch out a portion to allow the Pi to be inserted.

The final result, when it is all installed is fantastic. I am glad I took the time to work my way through the make, modification and installation of this Pi Rack. See the video for the full, heavily edited for time presentation of the process.







1U Pi Rack Mount Bracket on Thingaverse.com
Russ Ross YouTube Video on 1U Pi Rack Mount Bracket
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