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I’m sure the last thing you are interested in is another type of USB Cable but hold on just a moment and work with me here. This is the USB Cable to end them all! Okay, that’s not true either. This is a solution to prolong the life of your connector ports on your phones and tablets.

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The ports on the phones and tablets wear out long before the device itself. As evidence of that, I have a stack of tablets and phones that are done because the ports are in need of being replaced.


To protect the strain on the ports, I have elected to start using these magnetic USB Cables that work with USB-C, Micro-USB and evening the Lightning port for those that actually use Apple devices. They have a strong enough magnetic pull so that they don’t just fall off but the cable will easily release from the device with excessive pressure is applied

Using the magnetic adapter has the additional benefit of wearing out the easily replaced magnetic end and cable as opposed to the port in the phone itself. I have worn out ports long before the devices on more than one occasion.


Because the cord uses magnetic force to make the connection, anything that affected by magnetism is going to be attracted to this. That means you will not only have to take a little care in ensuring that you don’t dip the end of your phone in metal shavings but also a lot of dirt, at least around me, seems to have some kind of iron content and will therefore get stuck in the crevices of the cord or the tip.

The solution for this is to get some sort of putty, like silly putty or poster putty and push it into the ends to grab onto any debris and pull it out. I do this on the cord and the phone periodically just to clean it but also when something is lodged in there, preventing a connection and inhibiting the charge process.

Final Thoughts

USB-C, although very capable is quite fragile, especially on phones or tablets that children use. I have started using these to extend the life of the cheap tablets by preventing damage to the ports from mishandling the charging cables. Although this solution isn’t perfect, it is far better than the USB-C and micro-USB cables that are bundled with devices. An added benefit is that it is one magnetic cable that works with USB-C and micro-USB devices.

I don’t know how long these particular magnetic USB cables will continue to be sold but there but some form of them will likely continue. They aren’t good for everything but they are good for enough for many devices and will help to prolong their usage.


Listing on eBay (for as long as it lasts)

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