HP EliteBook RAM Upgrade and Blatherings

A few weeks ago I started to notice some problems with my computer and ultimately discovered that it had a RAM failure. It wasn’t quite obvious to me that the RAM was failing until I did some digging. I have previously written about that time-vacuum of an experience. Thinking the the worst, that the larger module, a 32 GiB DDR4 SODIMM module failed, I purchased another like it. The failure ended up being in the 8 GiB SODIMM so I am upgrading the RAM in this 14″ Chassis laptop to 64 GiB. This is now the computer with the most memory in it I own.

Here is a video about that and some other blatherings about how well designed this computer is. HP took the time to make it a pleasure to perform any work on this machine. I wish more laptops were built to this specification.


Stacked Dual Screen on a Laptop

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