Parametric 3D Modeling Software

Should you not have the money or the budget to do some parametric 3D modeling. It has a bit of a learning curve but what CAD package doesn’t? FreeCAD has some great functionality and once get over the initial hump and understand it a little, you can take off pretty quick.

Functions that I have used so far in FreeCAD is part design, drawings and assembly. I am very pleased with this software and am now doing what I can to support this project.

First FeeCAD Project.png

From having no experience in FreeCAD to designing a part, it took me about an hour to have understanding in how it works and be pleased with my design. This is fairly well polished software and I would recommend the “Blender” style of navigation to get around your part.

Exporting to STEP or STL on FreeCAD is effortless so 3D printing your project is no problem at all.

Thankfully, openSUSE has a one-click install in the official repository to get you up and running.

FreeCAD package for openSUSE

FreeCAD AppImage Download

FreeCAD Project Site