Big Daddy Linux Live

Big Daddy Linux Live, BDLL, exists but not in the same form, exactly. Really, we are in a transition period right now but our core mission is the same. BDLL is a place where we are set out to have a talk about tech around a virtual water cooler. Anything that is Linux, tech and open source related is on the table for discussion. I was invited into the BDLL community by Rocco, Mr Big Daddy Linux himself, where I was welcomed and truly felt like a member of the nicest group of encouraging and uplifting people with a whole range of skills and abilities. I enjoyed it so much, that when Rocco couldn’t do it anymore, I picked up the torch to carry it on, after considerable encouragement by community members.

With the passing of the torch, I have decided to transition BDLL into its new form. It is the same format you have grown to love but with a bit of rebranding. The new name of the show is the Linux Saloon, all the same fun where Linux is always on tap. Check it out here:

Linux Saloon

The old channel will still exist as a historical record and also a place for Rocco’s incredible interviews with Linux Spotlight. Check it out here.

I hope to see you at future Linux Saloon shows!