For my regular profession, I use Creo. I like and dislike much about this application. I mostly dislike that they don’t have a Linux build anymore but outside of that, it’s not too bad. It is too expensive for personal use but it is an extremely feature rich parametric modeler.

I am continually learning more about this application but unfortunately, there are things that I just forget how to do when I don’t do it often enough. Some of the way that things are done are counter-intuitive or at best, not very user friendly and unless you know the Creo way of doing it, it just isn’t doable. Don’t get me wrong. Creo is a fine piece of software that is extremely powerful but it is slow and doesn’t take advantage of muti-core CPUs very well.

I am using this as a personal dumping ground for my notes. This page isn’t intended for general public consumption but feel free to thumb around.

Creo Modeling Tips

Creo Drawing Tips

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