This is a placeholder for what will become the home of all my projects in the future “CubicleLabs.” Why, you might ask, am I continually recycling the “Cubicle” title in all that I am doing? Welp, because it kind of stuck and I am just going with it. I think it actually describes how I process and “cubbyhole” things into their own “cubicle” but also link them together in some way.

Some of the things that will be coming in future “CubicleLabs” will be the openSUSEification of the various things in my life. I happen to find the openSUSE Project the most open and welcoming software project out there and a fantastic enabler of making my ideas possible. The openSUSE Project allows for fantastic creativity to flourish and I intend on making as many things possible through those enablers.

Short List of Projects

Commodore 64X powered by openSUSE

openSUSE Tumbleweed powered firewall/edge device

Car-puter powered by openSUSE

openSUSE controlled Refrigerator

openSUSE Powered Macintosh Classic Look-alike

1970s style entertainment center powered by openSUSE

More to come

This is just the short list of items that will likely take me the rest of the year. Much work preparation is going into this. I hope to deliver on these promises. I am also hoping to source the various communities when I do inevitably run into difficulties. These are personal itches that I am scratching and I am hoping they do come to past.

Feel free to comment or contact me on any of these bits of future nonsense that is on the horizon. As part of my goal in life, I want to build positive and uplifting culture that empowers people to do and create for themselves whilst also sharing with their community. Build, create, share!