Multimedia Codecs Terminal

In order to play most multimedia formats, online or offline, within openSUSE, you will have to install the appropriate codecs. I personally like to see what it is that I am installing on openSUSE. This is my preferred method as am old fashioned and I like to do the things the way I like to do them.

Video walk-through of the process

Alternative Sources:


Open a terminal like konsole or whatever terminal application you prefer.

This can be done by pressing the Meta / Superkey or Alt+F2 and typing in either “terminal” or “konsole” when using Plasma. Gnome users can just start typing while on the desktop.

The first Step will be to Add Repositories and to do this, copy and paste the following lines carefully choosing the distribution version to what you are running


I have tested this on x86_64 and ARM 64 Architectures

Rolling Release

sudo zypper ar -cf '' Packman
sudo zypper ar -cf '' Mozilla
sudo zypper ar -cf '' libdvdcss


This should work for all supported versions of openSUSE Leap

Latest Stable Release

sudo zypper ar -cf '$releasever/' Packman
sudo zypper ar -cf '$releasever/' Mozilla
sudo zypper ar -cf '$releasever/' libdvdcss

Continue Here for ALL versions

Once complete you will have to refresh the repositories by copying and pasting this:

sudo zypper refresh

This is going to require some user interaction from you. You will have to agree to some things. The first will be the AdobeFlash repository, it is “unsigned”. If that is not going to work for you, you can decline.

The Mozilla, Packman and libdvdcss will provide certificate keys that you need to determine if you want to reject (r), trust temporarily (t) or trust always (a). I recommend you select for trust always.

I recommend making the Packman repository your primary source for multimedia libraries. You are less prone to issues with your multimedia files:

sudo zypper dup --allow-vendor-change --from Packman

Now you can install all the programs. Copy and paste this command:

sudo zypper install --from Packman ffmpeg gstreamer-plugins-{good,bad,ugly,libav} libavcodec-full vlc-codecs libdvdcss2 faac faad2 x264

Adobe Flash

The Internet says it is dead but if by any chance you want to have Adobe Flash, here it is

sudo zypper ar -f '' AdobeFlash
sudo zypper refresh
sudo zypper install flash-player

Mission Complete

Go ahead an give VLC a spin and watch that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.