Nexus 6P

Under Construction — possibly forever

This is a low priority page that is just enough to get my phone going and something to which I can reference later.

I recently purchased the Nexus 6P because my Nexus 5X took a dump on me. Quite possibly due to the de-soldering of the SoC.

Basic Information

Nexus 6P is referred to as “Angler”. That is the code name for it so when looking for ROMs for this device, ensure that it is referencing “Angler” and not something else.

Steps to Install LineageOS or Similar

If there is another OS you are going to install, most of these steps should work as well.

ADB Download

Download the ADB tools in order to interface with the device

Enter Recovery Mode

Install TWRP

This will have to be installed and this is the place to get it:

TWRP for Angler

To enabled OEM unlocking in dev settings.

List Devices in the terminal

./fastboot devices

LineageOS Installation

As long as you have the previous steps completed, the instructions from here will take you the rest of the way.