List of Computer Languages

This is a reference of known computer languages in use today. I was searching the internet for a list and I kept getting lists of top 10 or whatever. I am going to build this list over time and as I receive comments and emails about other languages and discussions about such languages, I will add them with links. My organization may not be correct either and I could just go to the Wiki on the subject but I find the layout there… not to my liking.

I also realize, this might be a complete waste of time but since I keep my notes out in the public eye anyway, why not add this and any notes or thoughts about the language. I can’t help but wonder how many people still use the older languages. Though this may be a bit of a time waste, I am hoping that I can get some feedback from the greater software development community. Eventually, these languages will be broken off into their own page

Popular Languages for Modern Systems

C / C++




Popular Languages for Vintage Systems

I realize that these are still be developed today. Where I am drawing the line is, are they used to develop modern applications on modern mainstream platforms, not in emulation.

Commodore BASIC

6502 / 6510 Assembly

Z80 Assembly