Linux Saloon in 2023

Linux Saloon, the Tux Digital online Linux User Group, is returning for a live show on the 14th of January and I am quite excited for it. In an effort to improve things a bit. I have taken the time to better focus my organization effort of the show. I have set up a public calendar so people will know when the show will be taking place. This was a recommendation [complaint] I received on multiple occasions. I did want to have a purely open source option but my time constraints has sort of precluded that at this time. If you are interested, you can subscribe to this calendar.

Linux Saloon Calendar

For 2023 I am doing a little bit of an update to the look of Linux Saloon as well. I like the western feel and I won’t be completely abandoning it but there is something about the “speakeasies” from the prohibition era that have a kind of charm to them. Consider it a kind of remodel to the Saloon. You are still free to wear your western cowboy hats but we have removed the virtual spittoons.

I would really like to focus more on highlighting really cool projects out there. The Linux Saloon group and by extension the Tux Digital community is filled with some really great people with quite the varied views of tech while being very gracious and encouraging. There are so many exciting developments out there that really need to be highlighted and I would be delighted to feature more of these fantastic efforts out there.

Feel free to reach out if you would like to talk about your project, tech community or upcoming event. Use any of the contact methods on this page and be a part of the conversation. Everyone is invited to be a part of the conversation. You can lurk in the YouTube chat, interact with others in the chat or if you are up for it, don some headphones, and join us with your face or avatar on Zoom.

I hope to see you there, this Saturday night at 8pm EST.


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