GeckoLinux Pantheon | Review from an openSUSE User

GeckoLinux is an openSUSE based operating system that is using either Leap or Tumbleweed underpinnings. I should also mention that openSUSE isn't the distribution, it is the project so that first sentence maybe, in a way, factually inaccurate. That said, with any corrections there, GeckoLinux has many offerings that I find incredibly fascinating. It is … Continue reading GeckoLinux Pantheon | Review from an openSUSE User

YouTube Shorts | Blathering

YouTube Shorts are the response of the Video Giant to the Tik Tok. They are 1 minute in length or less and have to be in portrait format to be a "short." I don't have nor do I want a Tik Tok so this sort of intrigues me, but I do wonder if it will … Continue reading YouTube Shorts | Blathering

Noodlings 36 | The Wires and Tubes

The holiday season hustle and bustle is through and I am able to concentrate on reorganizing the messes I have made in getting ready for the season. As the fall time projects finished up, the Christmastime projects kicked into full gear between programming my Christmas light display, baking cookies and making Gingerbread houses with the kids. There come a bunch of other miserable cold weather chores that go along with living on a subsistence farm.

Linux Saloon, the Next Generation of BDLL

Big Daddy Linux Live, the show and its community has become very special to me in so many ways, this is the place that I really feel like I met the absolute nicest, most helpful and encouraging people on the Internet. Being a part of BDLL and doing distro challenges has introduced me to … Continue reading Linux Saloon, the Next Generation of BDLL