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The latest Linux Saloon went off without a hitch, from a technical perspective. No issues during the streaming process, the bitrate was stable, OBS worked without issues and Zoom was crash free. It was a great way to start off the New Year. Of course, I did mess up the very beginning by forgetting to unmute the audio sources within OBS so an updated checklist is in order when I get the show started in the future

There was some interesting discussion but I did want to have a place to give some additional thoughts that cropped up as I was editing the show to be published on the Linux Saloon YouTube Channel. I have thought about how our discussions that we have give rise to the possibility of disseminating faulty information. With that, it should be noted that nothing spoken by anyone on this show should be taken as hard fact. The discussions we have are the best to our knowledge at the time of recording. I welcome any fact-checks at any time.

Leave comments anywhere you like. If email is your preference, send feedback to, place a comment at the bottom of this blathering, on the video itself or better yet, go to the Tux Digital Forum and start a conversation there.

Linux Saloon really is a lot of fun to do and I learn something every time. I look forward to each and every live stream. I welcome new participants as the more diversity of ideas the better. It is a family friendly show so keeping it civil is sort of a requirement.

I hope to see you next Saturday where we are going to discuss the news. News Topics suggestions are absolutely welcome. Send those to

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