JSAUX Screen Protector for the SteamDeck

Originally I was going to make a video of applying a screen protector to the SteamDeck but… why? It’s not like it would be all that interesting and would probably be another turd of a video so just a blathering is just as well. The production time for writing something out is far, far less than filming, editing, rendering and publishing a video.

I bought the screen protector from JSAUX at the same time as I purchased the dock station and protective shell. I hesitated putting the screen protector on the device because I did spend the extra bit to get that etched glass to take advantage of the anti-glare feature it provides. Anti-glare might be a bit of an oversell… more like dramatic glare reduction. Regardless, it is a very, very comfortable experience due to the reduced glare.

Fast forward a few months, I have allowed my kids to enjoy the device and play games on it. I have also noticed that there have been a few times they didn’t provide the sort of gentle care that I would give it. Yesterday (at time of writing), I noticed a 2 mm scratch, off to one side, not on the display area of the screen itself but off to one side in the frame of the glass. It’s really not a big deal at all, I couldn’t get my camera to actually pick up on the scratch but trust me, it is there. The scratch really bothered me a lot; really, to an unreasonable level. I decided it was imperative that I do what I can to protect the screen and since I already paid for the two pack of stick-on glass, I would lo longer delay the task.

There wasn’t an instruction manual that came with it but recalling all the screen protectors I’ve purchased and installed on cell phones in the past, this was pretty straight forward. Even though I “know” what I’m doing, I would have preferred some sort of info sheet.

The kit includes, alcohol wipe to clean the surface, a microfiber cloth for further cleaning the surface and what is essentially a sticker with a “hold here tab” for dabbing on the surface of the screen to ensure it is free of any little bits of contaminates.

For your convenience, there are two provided stickers to apply to the top surface to assist with carefully aligning the thin sheet of glass onto the screen. Additionally, there is a kind of squeegee to run across the screen to aid in the removal of any remaining trapped air-bubbles.

Despite the abundant bits to aid me in the process, I still managed to allow one bit of something to slip through, thankfully, outside of the display area. I can live with it. If not, there is always the option of trying again with the second protective glass provided but I think it is something I will just allow to stay there and remind me of my failure.

I am a bit saddened by the reflective screen, wish there was an etched option but this will have to do for now. The benefit of the view of the beautifully reduced glare is not worth the risk of having to replace a broken screen. This is just where it will have to be for the time being. I don’t want to risk something catastrophic happening to the screen. I think it is most prudent to have the additional protection, just in case.

As I went to add the links for the screen protector, I realized that there is an anti-glare option. I am too cheap to make the change now but I am super glad to know that it is available. Taking that into account, perhaps it would have been better if I had gone for the middle-of-the-road SteamDeck and added the screen protector on that instead. I now wonder if this could directly undermine the sales of the high-end “etched glass” SteamDeck.

I am glad I did experience the anti-glare surface before covering it up with the full-on glare surface that I have now. I have no regrets and I do think it is worth the cost at the time of purchase. For now, I will still enjoy my SteamDeck but also have the peace of mind that should any member of my family have a moment of carelessness, the SteamDeck’s odds of survival has increased, even if only just a bit.


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