Spell Check in KDE Plasma | Specifically Dolphin File Manager

I was doing some preparation for my weekly tutoring activity and when I realized I misspelled “science” on a particular file that I end up sharing with parents. Somehow, I spelled “scoence” and almost published the file spelled as such. I realized that somewhere along the line, Dolphin, the most amazing file manager wasn’t doing the spell check that it once did for me. A crutch I much appreciate leaning on to keep me from looking like a fool.

I did a quick search about spellcheck in dolphin but nothing came up in the top few search results. The full documentation came about but that wasn’t helpful. What I wanted to answer was, how can Dolphin, once again spell check my file names.

Here is the answer: Go into the Plasma System Settings and search for “Spell Check.” That will filter out the module from the rest quickly. The option of “Automatic spell checking enabled by default” is what you need to have Dolphin automatically check your spelling.

This will now have Dolphin give you the red squiggly lines below any misspellings that you have. I can see why someone would NOT want this but as for me. I need this to make sure I don’t get sloppy. It’s good to have my Linux overlord keeping me on the right track.

Final Thoughts

It’s the little things in Plasma that really make me smile. The fact that I can make little tweaks to make my usage of my computer even a smidge more efficient to help me with whatever work I have to do is incredibly welcome. It is also incredibly welcome to help keep some semblance of professionalism in any work I do.



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