Linux Saloon | News Flight Night 10

This night of Linux Saloon chat was some of my most favorite I have had since this started. I would say that the show went completely off the rails but that would imply that it was a disaster. I would say that the conversation grew and flowered from the fertile ground tilled by the various topics. Colin talks about his experience with Blend OS which turned into a very deep talk about immutable desktops.

The discussion around the age of your newest computer, generated from the StrawPoll put together by Aris, went deep into the irresponsibility of internet advertisers and the need for ad-blocking. The conversation from those on the panel and what was being typed in by those watching on YouTube was some pretty quality stuff. It makes me very grateful for the knowledge of those willing to join the discussion.

Jinda contributed an article about OpenAI that began another highly engaging conversation that also went incredibly long. Overall, the show was great, I am much better for having been a participant in these conversation and I look forward to more of it.

StrawPoll Results for How old is your newest computer?

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