Linux Saloon | Open Mic Night | Wayland, VanillaOS, Twitter 2FA

The conversation that was wrapped around immutable operating systems and Wayland went a lot deeper than I thought it would. Adam Grubbs presented to the panel how he builds and deploys a custom Fedora Silverblue image with the hardware tweaks necessary for his Asus laptop. His solutions is obviously not one that everyone can do but made for very interesting conversation.

The other topic that dominated the conversation was around Wayland and the successes and troubles it has with various users. Although I had to move away from Wayland again, I am still very optimistic for the future of the display service. 15% of the panel was using quite happily and that is a great news. I have nothing against X11, it has served faithfully for many years but technology has change and the code base has not aged so gracefully, as I am told.


Adam Grubbs Making Immutable OS Images
argrubbs (Adam Grubbs) · GitHub
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Wayland is So Close | Back on X11

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