Linux Saloon | 25 Feb 2023 | CentOS Stream 9

This Linux Saloon was very education in the realm of all things relating to CentOS, Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the way they all interact. Without question I learned a lot.

At 33 minutes into the show, Neal, a developer and enthusiast of Fedora and CentOS, explains the relationship CentOS has with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora. He also compares that project family with how SUSE and openSUSE work together. It really helped me understand both projects so much better.

Virtual Machine Manager Installation Note

A very important piece of information to get CentOS working in the Virtual Machine Manager is to ensure you are emulating the CPU architecture that the CentOS will work with. It requires the x86_64 v2 architecture and that is not the default for Virt Manager.

Since I am running this on a 10th Gen Intel, I selected “host-model” and that seems to have worked.

Next week is a News Flight night so any suggestions for topics is absolutely welcome. You can contact me on any method you like but my favorite is email. There is something nice about email…


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