Linux Saloon | 04 Mar 2023 | News Flight 11

This was the 11th News Flight night at the Linux Saloon. I think this episode was a pretty good example of my inability to “read the room” when I brought up the JFS file system article. I think I thought this to be a lot more interesting than perhaps it was.

File systems are something that fascinate me, not so much the specifics of the technology but rather the answers that the developers gave for managing data on a storage device. It was developed by IBM in the 90s has been known as a very efficient file system but has been largely displaced by Ext4 as it tends to have better performance statistics.

Some other topics we covered was the inclusion of Rust as a development language for Chromium, ChatGPT AI system, Fedora replacing Windows for Eric Adams and bug reporting. I really enjoyed the topics. As always, if you have an suggestions, please send them on any method you like on this contact page.

Check out the results of the StrawPoll Aris put together about the preferred method of interacting with your computer.

Mouse and keyboard win and trackpad with keyboard comes in second.

Next Week

Next week we are doing an Application Appetizer and have a chat about Zulip chat service.

I hadn’t tried this before I recommended it and thought that this was a replacement for several chat interfaces. It is more like an open source replacement for Slack or similar services. Still interesting but not quite what I thought. I created an organization that can be joined by those interested in playing along.

This link will expire in 10 days but if you are interested in chatting using this service click here and send something!

See you next week!

JFS File System on Wikipedia

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