Building a SteamDeck Resource

As I have been enjoying this well-built, hand held computer / gaming console, I have had to do some problem solving to get things to work. I am building a resource that, I hope will be beneficial to more than just me. it is something I do refer back to from time to time but is ultimately, a place where I put the solutions I had to research for various times that I wanted to answer the question, “How do I do that?”

If you find it useful, please let me know and if there are things I should explore further, also let me know. I will continue my building as time allows. I truly think that the SteamDeck is the coolest piece of hardware I have bought to date. It has been a great experience for me to do the casual and retro gaming I enjoy as well as playing some of the newer, family-friendly, titles that my kids enjoy. Of all the gaming systems in my home, this one is now getting the most use, more than the Nintendo or PlayStation products. This truly is a fantastic machine that I hope gives me many, many more years of enjoyment and the beginning of a platform that will see successors; SteamDeck2, perhaps?

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