LG DualUp Monitor Plus USB-C Dock Station

Monitors are getting Crazy Cool

I am not sure if it is crazy or cool or some sort of mix of crazy and cool or maybe it is completely innovative and 100% practical. I happen to think some of these monitors are neat and on top of that list today is this, the LG DualUp Monitor.

In a nutshell, this is like having two 16:9 monitors stacked on top of each other but without the bezel in between the displays. This is much like the stacked monitor setup I use with my laptop now. Thinking about how I have been using the stacked setup, this would be a lot more convenient and I am going to make the case, mostly to me, why this may be the best monitor plus USB-C Dock station combination for a fantastic productivity setup in my home office.

My dual stacked screen setup is pretty great for occasions where I am on the road. Doubling my screen real estate with the 14″ portable is perfect for many functions. It is incredibly handy and I have no complaints on how well it functions. I have used this quite a lot, and even use it at home on my little stand-up workstation. The problem has become the bit of hassle that has been introduced when I want to take the laptop to another location. I don’t necessarily want the additional screen, I just need a single screen with which I can do some typing or reading on a more comfortable, reclining chair of some kind. I know that others have found this to be useful as I have received notifications that the 3D printable files have been downloaded numerous times.

This solution ultimately made for some new problems or inconveniences where I have thought it to be a hassle to plug the monitor into the computer and position it just right on top of the laptop. This has, on several occasions left the monitor sitting just behind the laptop and leaning against the wall.

DualUp Stand-Out Features

The DualUp is not just a monitor but also acts as a kind of dock station providing some conveniences. The back of this LG DualUp monitor has several ports on the back. The ports that interest me most is the USB-C and the two USB downstream ports. USB-A ports in a monitor is nothing new but in concert with USB-C for power delivery and bidirectional data means that this monitor is, in and of itself, a dock station too. This could make for quite the minimal, clean, desktop setup. Pair it with a wireless keyboard and mouse and it would be like the “desktop of the future” …of sorts.

The screen resolution is 2560 x 2880 which is a lot of pixels to do all the computery things you want to accomplish. My only concern would be that it had an acceptable refresh rate. I have plugged into some 4k monitors with my laptop and the frame rate did suffer but that could be a limitation of the machine or perhaps the cable itself.

I don’t know that I am ready to commit to such a purchase as what I am currently using is fine, for now but there are many days where I can’t help but think how nice it would be to have this setup to do my video editing and related content creation activities. I can also see myself using this similar to how I have used my stacked laptop monitors in the past or much like the first ultrawide screen I purchased to work with my Dell Latitude E6440.

No matter what I end up doing with my monitor choices, it never quite seems to be enough. Even if I had this, I would probably say, “I wish I had just one more little monitor for…”

Final Thoughts

For now, I am going to just noodle this around. What it really brings to mind is that the shackles are off of the various manufacturers to make whatever ratios and shapes they want. I have largely been working with monitors horizontally adjacent to one another. I have also stacked my monitors. Now I can get a monitor that is stacked but without the bezel in between. I find this super compelling for productivity but perhaps a bit odd for gaming.

I may end up revisiting this in the future. it’s such a compelling piece of hardware and paired with the right laptop, mouse and keyboard might be the best, crazy cool, dock solution I’ve ever had.


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