First Week on WordPress

State of the Site

Today marks a full week of using WordPress to host my site. I must say, I do like it much better than what I was previously using. There are several features for managing the site of which I am very appreciative that I didn’t even know I wanted.  On the downside, there is less fine control over fonts, which is really my only complaint. The positives far outweigh the negatives. The lesser fine control over fonts also makes for easier rapid and consistent formatting, for the most part. When I really think about it, I don’t really care that much. Simple is better so long as it is readable.

The social media tie-in is pretty great and the simplicity of how the RSS feed thing works, also a huge win. Another feature that I think is pretty neat is the “category cloud” feature. Probably not useful for anyone but me but I like seeing it. I can see the aggregation of what I blather about most.

Having the ability to keep many things in a draft state and see them under one tab is a huge benefit as well. I jump around and work on things as I think about it. This feature was not publicized at all on any of the “Why you should use WordPress” articles I read. …but maybe I read the wrong articles.

The tab to look at the HTML code is also a great feature. Very easy to go back and forth. I don’t have much use, at this time for that, but still, great to see it exposed to me, the user.

Lastly and possibly the most important, using WordPress affords me the ability to move to self-hosted, if I so choose. I don’t have the time or desire to maintain a self-host WordPress instance but it is great to see that I could run it on openSUSE with little effort. For now, I will let someone else administer it and keep me “secure”. There are other things of which I would rather concentrate.

I am grateful for the greater flexibility, ease of management and improved appearance with this platform change to WordPress. I mostly appreciate the freedom to move my data, if I so choose. That feature alone will likely keep me right here a bit longer. Would I recommend WordPress, yes, absolutely, I would most certainly recommend it.


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