HP EliteBook RAM Failure

In all my time using computers, I haven't had a memory failure since the late 80s on Commodore 64 which was likely caused by a static discharge. Every computer since, laptop or desktop, traveling around the world, have not seen any sort of memory issue. I've gong through hard drives, replaced screens, keyboards and touch … Continue reading HP EliteBook RAM Failure

A 2022 Christmastime Blathering

As the year comes to a close, it is often filled with mixed emotions about my personal evaluation of my performance for the year. Many things were advanced, some things didn't advance far enough and others may have even regressed a bit but I would say, over all, I am in a better position today … Continue reading A 2022 Christmastime Blathering

openSUSE in 2022 | Continues to be Awesome

I have been pretty quiet here on CubicleNate.com for a few months, not because of any lack of interest in what I do but rather that there have been life things that have gotten in the way. I have many incomplete blatherings that are waiting for me to finish writing them up. The one thing … Continue reading openSUSE in 2022 | Continues to be Awesome

Christmas Light Display 2021

Christmas Light Display 2021

A lot of changes were brought in with the year 2021. The biggest of the change I was not expecting when the calendar rolled over and that was moving to a new house. All the changes have been good, have kept me busy and most importantly have been great for my family. I had all kinds of great ideas I was going to add to my house for light displays but instead, I have a new place and I was having a difficult time envisioning how I wanted to light the place up.

Arduino Controlled Ambient Light Chameleon | Blathering

One of the greatest things about the information age is being able to see the seemingly endless creativity of the world's makers, programmers and artists. Even cooler is when these different passions and disciplines come together to create something truly fun and exciting. There are countless examples of those and I should probably feature more … Continue reading Arduino Controlled Ambient Light Chameleon | Blathering

openSUSE Stickers to Enhance your Tech

I have not been one that has been real huge on stickers. Historically, I have not been one to sticker anything up, I have enjoyed keeping things plain, ordinary and uniform or incognito. With my recent computer acquisition, the very nice, sleep albeit cold HP EliteBook felt very impersonal. I felt, it needed a touch … Continue reading openSUSE Stickers to Enhance your Tech

Christmastime in the year 2020 | Holiday Blathering

What can I say about 2020 that someone else hasn't already said? I can say it has been... a bit of a disappointment. Nothing has really gone to plan, it seems. I would say, tho, 2020 started out pretty great. Things were looking good for most people and evens occurred that really took the shine … Continue reading Christmastime in the year 2020 | Holiday Blathering

Rickroll in the Terminal

This is a mostly useless blathering but since I got a good laugh out of it, I wanted to index this bit of fun and share it because that is what you do, right? Share nonsense on the Internet? Isn't that why they invented the thing? I was watching "Adrian's Digital Basement" on YouTube and … Continue reading Rickroll in the Terminal

CubicleNate now on LBRY | Blathering

For the half dozen or so of people that might manage to care, I have decided to start synchronizing my piddly YouTube content over to LBRY. I'd say this is nothing against YouTube but actually, it is. Although I will still use and enjoy YouTube, many of their decisions have shaken my confidence in their … Continue reading CubicleNate now on LBRY | Blathering

Linux in the Kitchen | Life Enhancement Blathering

There are so many ways Linux can be used. Most commonly, we see it used to run the Internet in servers and cloud thingies and such. If you are a desktop user, you might use it for office tasks in your home or work, maybe you are a content creator and you do video or … Continue reading Linux in the Kitchen | Life Enhancement Blathering