Updating Documentation for openSUSE Leap 15.2

After having a Virtual Live Installation Party on YouTube yesterday (02 Jul 2020). I realized, I have to test and update documentation out there on my site as well as the openSUSE Wiki. This is one of those things that I do as I have time, generally. Essentially, this is what I have done for the last several years, not 100% consistently but generally speaking, I keep on top of it. In order to stay organized, I have a “personal” wiki page that I keep track of what it is that I maintain.

I have been told that wikis are not the best form of storing such information. My attitude is, until openSUSE presents a better method, I will continue down the path of using the wiki. Maybe it is not the best repository of information but it is better than nothing. So, until that point, I will continue to use it


Documentation in the Linux and open source world is very important. In order for us to grow and develop our technical skills, we have to share understanding. I am continually learning and the more I learn the more I become painfully aware of my own ignorance. The only solution that I could find as an antidote to my ignorance was to write down and share my limited knowledge.

The Commission

If you are using a “free” operating system, it isn’t free. It has taken work and love to make it possible for you to use it. People are making personal sacrifices, often without pay, to bring this wonderful tool for you to use. Find a way to contribute back, in whatever way is within your abilities and pay the good will forward.

Final Thoughts

I openly admit my almost unhealthy obsession for the openSUSE project, it is in my obsession that I feel compelled to contribute where ever I can. I am forever thankful for everyone that takes the time to make openSUSE, Linux and all the software that I use possible. The freedom and ability to use my computer that suits my requirements best is something for which I am continually grateful.


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