Tmux Desktop on openSUSE Linux

I can’t say that I ever spent my childhood wishing I had the ultimate terminal desktop but the more I have played on Linux, the more I have spent time in the terminal and I really can’t explain why I find it so charming. Perhaps it is the low memory usage of the applications? The clever modern implementation of certain terminal applications? I can’t really say, but there is something incredibly charming about the terminal.

My pursuit of having a terminal based “desktop” was Inspired by Linux Unplugged Presentation. A rather nice article and I fell into this hole of terminal excitement

Build your own Desktop in the Terminal Linux Unplugged Article

After some exploration and some fiddling. I have put together a little resource for today me and future me. Hopefully this has some interest for you and I am open to other suggestions for making my Terminal based Desktop even better.

Tmux Terminal Desktop

The possibilities are seemingly endless as the bandwidth required to sustain this is really quite low.

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  1. As I run Mint on 8GB DDR3 plus the 2GB DDR5 for discreet graphics, I surely won’t have memory shortages any time soon. I run WhatsApp, Telegram, Thunderbird, Firefox in several tabs, Chrome the same, Spotify, Stacer and Libré Writer plus KDE Connect. And I never am in need of RAM as I never seem to occupy more than 30 – 40%.

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