Linux Saloon | 11 Mar 2023 | Zulip, JSketcher CAD Software

One of the great things about doing the Linux Saloon is that I get the privilege of learning from fellow technology enthusiasts. This time was no different and had an unexpected bonus that I found tremendously valuable. After our discussion of Zulip messaging service and Jinda's discussion about this experience with Virtual Machine Manager, a … Continue reading Linux Saloon | 11 Mar 2023 | Zulip, JSketcher CAD Software

Nheko | Matrix Client written in Qt on openSUSE

Matrix is a secure, decentralised, real-time, communication protocol that allows you to send messages and pictures free from the encumberments of a centralized authority. You can look at Matrix as an alternative to using Telegram, WhatsApp, Discord, etc. Confusingly, Matrix is a protocol not a client. There are many clients you can choose, the most … Continue reading Nheko | Matrix Client written in Qt on openSUSE

Easy CPU Benchmarking on Linux

I have spent a disproportionate of my time looking at CPU Benchmarks because numbers are fun. There are a lot of ways to benchmark and test your system and frankly most of them are too complex for me to really care. I like numbers but when they get into real nuanced details my eyes glaze … Continue reading Easy CPU Benchmarking on Linux

Linux Saloon | Application Appetizer Potluck

This week the panel of presenters brought an app they use to share. Instead of choosing a specific application to try out or explore the panel decided that we would all bring something interesting that we use to share with others and explain why it was interesting. There are links to all the applications brought … Continue reading Linux Saloon | Application Appetizer Potluck

Ad-Blocking and Why You Should

You are being constantly tracked, surreptitiously, through the web. Various sites are tracking you with the intent of selling you products or selling your information. It's one thing if a website inquires basic information when you are visiting, it is another thing when a website stalks you across the internet. I believe this to be, … Continue reading Ad-Blocking and Why You Should

Lingot | Musical Instrument Tuner on openSUSE

I like to dabble around in playing instruments, I am, by no means, a musician but doing a little noodling around from time to time can be quite gratifying. In my younger years, I did enjoy playing more than one instrument, today, I am taking on some new challenges, nothing crazy, I just happen to … Continue reading Lingot | Musical Instrument Tuner on openSUSE

OPI | OBS Package Installer

A project within openSUSE that I think is absolutely fantastic is called the "openSUSE Package Installer." This allows you to install packages from various third party vendors such as the "Packman" repository or other "community repositories" of the openSUSE Build Service. What this means is, the multi-step process of adding repositories and installing the desired … Continue reading OPI | OBS Package Installer

Emoji Selector App on KDE Plasma

There are times when you stumble upon an application that brings you big giant goofy smile on your face. This application is just that. 🤪 There is an application, built into Plasma, or at least it is a part of Plasma that came in automatically at some point in time without any fanfare and I … Continue reading Emoji Selector App on KDE Plasma

Kmail Message List Tabs

Kmail has been my email application for almost 20 years. Even before I started using openSUSE I have been happily using this email application. I find it to be the most feature rich of all the email management applications and far better than any web client I have ever used. I can shape the layout … Continue reading Kmail Message List Tabs

Noodlings 35 | Light for Christmas

Noodlings 35 Title

The holiday season hustle and bustle is through and I am able to concentrate on reorganizing the messes I have made in getting ready for the season. As the fall time projects finished up, the Christmastime projects kicked into full gear between programming my Christmas light display, baking cookies and making Gingerbread houses with the kids. There come a bunch of other miserable cold weather chores that go along with living on a subsistence farm.